Thursday, February 26, 2009


Recently I have had a growing interest in prosthetics and the possibilities of custom designed prosthetics. The advent of robotics involved in prosthesis makes me think of so much sci-fi reading I have done. Anyway here are a couple interesting pieces about some unique prosthesis.

Immaculate Prosthetic: A design to make a functional but attractive prosthetic. Not the most amazing scientific invention this century but it is nice to see someone is thinking about the self-confidence factor that plays into the human psyche.

Here is a youtube video of Nadya Vessey who lost both her legs below the knee because of a medical condition when she was just a young girl. Nadya has always loved to swim and by chance was asked about her prosthetics by a little boy at the pool. She explained to him that she needed the legs because she was really a mermaid, and the idea stuck. So Nadya asked Weta Workshop, a special effects studio who did the work for Lord of the Rings, if they could make her a prosthetic mermaid tail. They said yes and this is the result.

Thats it for now I'll throw up other interesting links as I find them.